Dataset: OSU-L
Taxa: Lobariaceae
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Oregon State University Lichens, OSC

Pseudocyphellaria orygmaea (Ach.) Malme
32759Geoff C. Bratt & J.A. Caslin   68/161
Australia, Tasmania, None given, Wedge River, west of Adamsfield and SW of Mount Field National Park

Pseudocyphellaria argyracea (Del.) Vainio
32802W.A. Weber & D. McVean   
Australia, New South Wales, Braidwood District, Braidwood District: south side of Monga Mountain above Mongarlowe River southwest of Monga Sawmill, 915 - 915m

Pseudocyphellaria impressa (Hook. f. et Taylor) Vainio
32803W.A. Weber & D. McVean   
Australia, Tasmania, None given, Hellyer Gorge between Burnie and Waratah

Pseudocyphellaria glabra (Hook. f. et Taylor) Dodge
32805W.A. Weber & D. McVean   
Australia, Tasmania, None given, Plateau between Waratah and crossing of Que River

Pseudocyphellaria australiensis H. Magn.
32813W.A. Weber & D. McVean   
Australia, Capital Territory, None given, Australian Capital Territory. Summit of Brindabella Range at Picadilly Circus, 1220 - 1220m

Pseudocyphellaria anthraspus
40909Shirley Leuthner   142
U.S.A., Oregon, Lane, Lane Co, Trailer Court, 30 - 30m

Pseudocyphellaria rainerensis Imsh.
51901Jacquelin Calvert   s.n.
U.S.A., Oregon, Lincoln, Cape Perpetua Overlook, east of Highway 101., 244 - 244m

Parmelina simplicior
70969Don Zobel, P. Zobel   98-13
India, Uttar Pradesh, Road Okhimath to Tungnath foothills of the Himalaya Mountains, 2440 - 2440m

Page 1, records 1-8 of 8

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