Dataset: OSU-L
Taxa: Peltigeraceae
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Oregon State University Lichens, OSC

Peltigera apthosa (L.) Willd.
28512R. Fogel   22-69
U.S.A., Oregon, Linn, Fish Lake Forest Service Station near Santiam junction., 44.5 -121.6667, 972 - 972m

Peltigera dolichorhiza (Nyl.) Nyl.
32740W.A. Weber   245
Australia, Western Australia, None given, Beedelup Falls, karri forest (Eucalyptus diversicolor) west of Pemberton, southwestern West Australia

Peltigera dolichorhiza Nyl.
32816W.A. Weber & D. McVean   321
New Guinea, Oregon, None given, Northeast New Guinea. Eastern Highlands. Bismarck Ranges: Mount Wilhelm; Imbuka Ridge above Lake Aunde., 3506 - 3506m

Peltigera canina var. spongiosa Tuck.
33560Tony & D. MaeLeaf   s.n.
U.S.A., Alaska, None given, Hope

Peltigera horizontales (Huds.) Baumg.
47453H.K. Phinney   258
U.S.A., Michigan, Cheboygan, Reese's Bog, shore of Burt Lake.

Peltigera canina f. leucorhiza Flerk
47494H.K. Phinney   s.n.
U.S.A., West Virginia, Upshur, Buckjannon Road 5 miles below Buckhannon Hall Road.

Peltigera brittanica
50841John R. Davis   2693
U.S.A., Washington, Skamania, Carson Depot Road, 91 - 91m

Peltigera praetextata var. subcana (Somm.) Vain
51255Frank P. Sipe   549
U.S.A., Oregon, Benton, Avery Woods

Peltigera praetextata var. subcanina Gyel.
51261Frank P. Sipe   539
U.S.A., Oregon, Jackson, Natural Bridge Union Creek.

Peltigera praetextata var. subcanina Gyel.
51262Frank P. Sipe   549
U.S.A., Oregon, Benton, Avery woods.

Peltigera dolichorhiza var. submicrocarpa Gyel.
51306Frank P. Sipe   627
U.S.A., Oregon, Lincoln, Yachats, Oregon

Peltigera polydactly
51340J.M. Grant   s.n.
U.S.A., Washington, None given, Marysville, Wash.

Peltigera leucophylebia
51442John R. Davis   2692
U.S.A., Washington, Skamania, Carson Depot Road., 91 - 91m

Peltigera canina var. laciniata Merr.
51722C.E. Cummings   s.n.
Jamaica, Not given, None given, Island of Jamaica

Peltigera membranacea f. fibrilloides
51738Frank P. Sipe   523
U.S.A., Oregon, None given, unknown location, Oregon questionable

Peltigera plittii Gyel. v. macrolobata
51750Frank P. Sipe   589
U.S.A., Oregon, Jackson, Union Creek

Peltigera canina f. spongiosa
51763Frank P. Sipe   646
U.S.A., Oregon, Jackson, Union Creek, Rogue River.

Peltigera meckeri Hepp ex Müll. Arg.
56300Daphne Stone   1780A
U.S.A., Oregon, Douglas, Dunning Ranch North Bank RNA, NE of Roseburg, E of Wilbur.S1008, 195 - 195m

Page 1, records 1-18 of 18

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