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Oregon State University Fungi, OSC

Mycena adonis (Bull.) Gray
113797Entin   11/14/00
Lincoln, Siuslaw National Forest, CVS Plot #219050\\ From the junction of FS roads 3100 and 3127, drive east down FS road 3100 for 1.6 miles to the junction of FS road 3129, drive north down FS road 3129 for 0.7 mile to blocked portion of road \\bbw down trees\\""". From that point hike nothwest down road 3129 for 20 chains until you reach a spur road junction that is following a 340 degrees az. Follow this spur road down for 21 chains to a 14 inch Pseudotsuga menziesii mark onphoto", 45 - -124m

Tuber sp. nov. (T. gibbosum complex)
116308Swab   11/28/00
Lincoln, Siuslaw National Forest, Waldport Ranger District, From the junction of FS roads 5200 and 5285, hike in a northweserly direction \\roadslide\\""" down FSR 5285 approx 1.7 miles there is a tag cvs 2104050 7 inch Red Alder. From that tag tree", 44 - -124m

Mycena rutilantiformis (Murrill) Murrill
113243Swab   11/29/00
Lincoln, Siuslaw National Forest, Alsea Ranger District, CVS Plot #2100050\\ From the junction of FS road 3305 and FS road 3306 hike 8500 feet northwesterly on FS road 3306 to the junction of FS road 3306 and FS road 3306-121. There is a gate on FS road 3306. Then hike 1320 feet northeasterly on FS road 3306-121 to Reference point located on the east side of the 3rd landing., 44 - -124m

Page 1, records 1-3 of 3

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