Dataset: OSU-F
Search Criteria: Saudi Arabia; excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Oregon State University Fungi, OSC

Terfezia claveryi Chatin
111354P. Heinemann   Heinemann 7513, BR1983-02-01
Saudi Arabia, Dharan

Tirmania pinoyi (Maire) Malençon
61943A.M. Alsheikh   1982-03-01
Saudi Arabia, eastern province, north east, near Hafar Al Batin

Tirmania nivea (Desf.) Trappe
13588H.A. Bokhary   1982-03-01
Saudi Arabia, north east, near Hafar Al Batin, Eastern Province

Terfezia arenaria (Moris) Trappe
35150J. Zielinski   Trappe 40781975-02-01
Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia

Terfezia boudierii
80077H.A. Bokhary   Trappe 135861982-03-00
Saudi Arabia, Eastern Province, north east, near Hafar Al Batin

Terfezia boudieri Chatin
80086H.A. Bokhary   K1978-03-05
Saudi Arabia, Rayadh Region, Hafar, Al-Batin

Page 1, records 1-6 of 6

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