Dataset: OSU-F
Search Criteria: bright yellow. Note: there are no markings on the highway or the; excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Oregon State University Fungi, OSC

Rhizopogon truncatus Linder
120072L.H. McCullough   
bright yellow. Note: there are no markings on the highway or the, but usually doesn't. CVS plot#2005054", as well as a medium sized PILA recently dead and a large PILA with very weak foliage in the top two thirds. The draw shown in the diagram has a little water in it, Highway 199 at 35.37 mileage marker. Siskiyou National Forest, Illinois Valley Ranger District, From the Califonira inspection station about a mile south of the Oregon-California border on US 199, drive south on 199 0.35 mile to Del Norte county mileage marker 35.37. Walk 1150 feet at 274 degrees to the jct of two unmarked, undrivable skid roads. From this jct, walk 400 feet at 280 degrees to the reference point.

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