Dataset: OSU-F
Taxa: Tubeufiaceae
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Oregon State University Fungi, OSC

Acanthostigma De Not.
95087None listed   1962-06-17
Costa Rica, Vulcan Irazu, 1 mile from top

Acanthostigma De Not.
95088George Carroll   Carroll 3911962-06-17
Costa Rica, 1mile from the top of Vulcan (also spelled Volcan), Irazu

Xenosporella thaxteri Linder
33171Roland Thaxter   1905-03-26
Br. West Indies, Unknown, none listed

Helicoma atrosepatatum
34749Roland Thaxter   1905-12-00
Chile, Corral

Helicoma perelegans Thaxt. ex Linder
34751Roland Thaxter   1892-10-08
United States, Massachusetts, Middlesex, Waverley

Acanthostigma occidentale (Ellis & Everh.) Sacc.
42183S. Bates   Bates 22012006-08-08
United States, Nebraska, Red Cloud, Nebraska

Titaea clarkeae Ellis & Everh.
53899C. Clarke   2466 E&E1888-04-00
United States, New Jersey, Cumberland County, Vineland

Acanthostigma clintonii (Peck) Sacc.
9798R. Cain   57091933-09-08
Canada, Ontario, Cattle Island, L. Temagami, T.F.R, Ontario

Page 1, records 1-8 of 8

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