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Dataset: KNFY
Taxa: Sapindaceae
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Klamath National Forest Herbarium

J. L. Kraemer   301971-07-06
United States, California, Siskiyou, Base Camp E.C.L; Klamoth National Forest, 1524m

J.O. Sawyer   13381969-07-11
United States, California, Siskiyou, Dry Slopes near South Sugar Creek S30T40NR9W; Klamoth National Forest, 1829m

Gilbert Muth   1471966-08-03
United States, California, Siskiyou, Down Creek from Marble Valley; Klamoth National Forest, 1768m

Maralyn A. Renner   13991980-07-04
United States, California, Siskiyou, Preston Peak Quad T17N R5E S27 Near trail about 1/4 mile below Rattlesnake Meadow; Klamoth National Forest, 1585m

Maralyn A. Renner   10411980-06-24
United States, California, Siskiyou, Seiad Valley Quad. T47N R11W S21 n1/4 Tributary stream to East Fork Seiad Creek, where crossed by F.S. road 48N20.; Klamoth National Forest

C. A. Ground   6661970-07-20
United States, California, Siskiyou, Clear Creek; Klamoth National Forest, 1189m

KNFY00072Maralyn A. Renner   19911980-07-24
United States, California, Siskiyou, Seiad Valley Quad T47N R12W S13 W1/4 of E1/4 PacificCrest Trail above Lily Pad Lake; Klamoth National Forest, 1798m

Page 1, records 1-7 of 7

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