Dataset: CHSC-V
Search Criteria: Australia; Tasmania; excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Chico State Herbarium

CHSC078857A. M. Buchanan   155791999-11-23
Australia, Tasmania, Midlands Region. Tamar Island Wetlands Reserve., -41.391389 147.074444

CHSC078890R. D. Seppelt   122591981-12-28
Australia, Tasmania, Hasselborough Bay, Macquarie Island., -54.5 158.933333, 68m

CHSC081479A. C. Rozefelds; W. A. Gebert   18212000-09-26
Australia, Tasmania, North West Region. Harcus River Crossing, Woolnorth., -40.798611 144.7675, 10m

CHSC081537W. M. Curtis   1960-03-31
Australia, Tasmania, East Coast Region. Zoology Department, University of Tasmania, Sandy Bay, Hobart., -42.9 147.3

CHSC105432A. E. Orchard   53601981-02-07
Australia, Tasmania, West Coast District. Ocean Beach, 5 km from Strahan., -42.133333 145.25

Page 1, records 1-5 of 5

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