Dataset: CHSC-V
Search Criteria: United Staes; California; excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Chico State Herbarium

CHSC057399Jenny Marr   281991-06-04
United Staes, California, Lassen, 14 miles west of Ravendale on Horselake Rd., 1524m

CHSC007867Nick Santamaria   861969-07-03
United Staes, California, Lassen, Alongside road 4.25 approx. 1 mile from highway 139 east of Eagle Lake.

CHSC010933Kathleen Alexander   1751972-07-11
United Staes, California, Lassen, At the spring on the side of Gallatin Mtn. above Gallatin Beach.

CHSC009068Bob Bradley   461970-07-07
United Staes, California, Lassen, Behind the E.L.B.S. kitchen close to Eagle Lake., 1554m

CHSC007237Bruce K. Briggs   831969-08-08
United Staes, California, Lassen, Sp. along rd. 1 mi. from Gallatin Beach.

Page 1, records 1-5 of 5

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