Dataset: CHSC-V
Taxa: Halogeton
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Chico State Herbarium

CHSC025102Paul Lyman   191970-05-12
United States, California, Lassen, Skeedaddle Mountain, Smoke Creek Desert, Litchfield. Found 200 yards east of Skedaddle Ranch house along Smoke Creek Spring. This area is high desert grassland and about 1/2 mi. west of Nevada Line., 40.578889 -120.003056

CHSC028589M. S. Taylor   20601979-06-25
United States, Nevada, Lyon, Ca. 1 mi s of Hwy 50, ca. 10 mi e of Dayton.

CHSC065029Vernon H. Oswald; Lowell Ahart   69751995-07-05
United States, Nevada, Washoe, Modoc Plateau. Smoke Creek Ranch Rd. in Smoke Creek Canyon, 2.0 mi w of Sand Pass-Gerlach Rd. T31N R19E S33, 1219m

CHSC007712Jesse Langdon   81969-05-23
United States, California, Lassen, Stacey - 35.5 mi. S.E. of Susanville on Las. Co. Rd. 320., 40.267222 -120.061111, 1250m

CHSC078828Vernon H. Oswald   99622000-09-14
United States, California, Lassen, Wendel Rd 3.2 miles east of Hwy. 395. T29N R15E S14 SW1/4 of SE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Wendel Hot Springs 1:24,000, 40.366667 -120.257222, 1228m

CHSC098136Richard R. Halse   37551988-08-13
United States, Idaho, Bingham, Along U. S. Hwy 20, nine miles W of the Bonneville County Line in the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory. T02N R32E S03, 1584m

CHSC108359Richard R. Halse   72022007-06-03
United States, Oregon, Harney, Along the Catlow Valley Road at its junction with Powerline Road ca. 1.7 miles north of Fields., 42.289444 -118.665278, 1275m

CHSC110999Richard R. Halse   81062010-09-02
United States, Nevada, Washoe, Along State Hwy. 447 ca. 0.7 miles north of Gerlach at its junction with Transfer Road., 40.656111 -119.3725, 1205m

CHSC114445Richard R. Halse   81062010-09-02
United States, Nevada, Washoe, Along State Hwy 447 ca. ).7 miles north of Gerlach at its junction with Transfer Road., 40.656111 -119.3725, 1205m

CHSC120393Richard R. Halse   102092017-09-16
United States, Nevada, Humboldt, Along State Hwy. 140 ca. 12.1 miles west of its junction with U.S. Hwy. 95, at intersection with Sod House Road., 41.409722 -118.019444, 1254m

Page 1, records 1-10 of 10

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