Dataset: CHSC-V
Taxa: Pimpinella
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Chico State Herbarium

CHSC109032R. E. Brainerd; N. Otting   9162007-07-20
United States, Oregon, Douglas, East entrance to North Bank Habitata Management Area, Bureau of Land Management. 9.9 miles northwest of downtown Roseburg. UTM Zone 10 483768E 4796015N, 198m

CHSC118160R. E. Brainerd   21742013-07-03
United States, Oregon, Benton, Northwest Corvallis; Walnut Boulevard at Martin Luther King Park. UTM Zone 10 475585E 4937503N., 122m

CHSC118141R. E. Brainerd   21732013-07-03
United States, Oregon, Benton, Northwest Corvallis, Crescent Valley High School at west end of parking lot near the softball diamond . UTM Zone 10 478870E 4940240N WGS84, 91m

CHSC119100Barbara L. Wilson   168502011-08-21
United States, Oregon, Douglas, Roseburg: Highway 42/99, between Interstate Highway 5 (I-5) and the Shady Oaks Motel, between the highway and the railroad tracks., 43.173056 -123.378333, 137m

Page 1, records 1-4 of 4

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