Dataset: CHSC-V
Taxa: Martyniaceae
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Chico State Herbarium

CHSC028731M. Banchero; R. Schlising, R. Banchero   451979-09-23
United States, California, Butte, SW of Chico, along Ord Ferry Road, 3.7 mi W of jct Ord Ferry and Goodspeed--Watt Roads (= Dayton Four Corners). T21N R01W S, 39.633333 -121.923611

CHSC041003Pauleen Broyles   8191982-07-29
United States, California, Tehama, The Nature Conservancy Vina Plains Preserve. Large vernal pool, in central pasture. T24N R01W S28 SE1/4, 39.901944 -121.98, 66m

CHSC031760Lowell Ahart   6321974-09-08
United States, California, Butte, Peter Ahart Ranch, Honcut, in barnyard., 39.357778 -121.516944, 46m

CHSC039550Lowell Ahart   41921983-07-10
United States, California, Butte, On the bottom of a dry pond, in front of the large barn, near the two large barns, about 1 1/2 miles north-east of the intersection of Highway 99 and Pentz Road, about 14 1/2 miles north of Oroville., 39.657222 -121.696111, 70m

CHSC001067   1947-06-01
United States, California, Butte, River road near Chico., 39.708333 -121.88

CHSC001066E. Walker   1932-09-01
United States, California, Butte, Oroville-Marysville road., 39.445278 -121.596389

CHSC063976B. Castro   2021987-08-06
United States, California, Butte, E side of Chico Cyn as it heads NE. T22N R02E S18 SE1/4 of SE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Richardson Sprgs, 39.758056 -121.791667, 91m

CHSC084370Lowell Ahart   105112003-08-15
United States, California, Sutter, On the north side of Pass Road, near the gas pumps, Sutter Buttes, about 7 miles northwest of Sutter. T16N R01E S33 SW1/4, 39.188056 -121.861389, 39m

CHSC066305Vernon H. Oswald   78341996-06-20
United States, California, Butte, Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge, Llano Seco Unit. U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service parcel between 7 Mile Lane and the Sacramento River. Growing on the edge of a marshy drainage on the dry bed of seasonal marsh at the NW corner of Tract 2, Sanctuary II. T20N R01E S07 NW1/4 of NW1/4, 39.606667 -121.913333, 34m

Page 1, records 1-9 of 9

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