Dataset: CHSC-V
Taxa: Penthoraceae
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Chico State Herbarium

CHSC021745R. A. Schlising   6871957-08-27
United States, Wisconsin, Marathon, Abandoned gravel pit. T30N R03E S25

CHSC021746Robert A. Schlising   5681956-08-12
United States, Wisconsin, Lincoln, Gravel pit. T35N R05E S27

CHSC007000R. Dale Thomas   112541968-08-07
United States, Louisiana, Ouachita, Mrs. A.E. Oglesby's farm between I-20 and Camp Road, W. of La. 546.

CHSC072517David A. Lovejoy; Debbie Pierce   1998-07-11
United States, Massachusetts, Hampden, Chester; at crossing of un-named road near head of Skunk Brook (south of marsh) (just west of gate to Hiram Fox Wildlife Management Area).

CHSC073767John B. Nelson   196771998-08-11
United States, South Carolina, Georgetown, Poachers Point on E side of Indian Lake, just down from Little Bull Creek. Sandy Island., 33.586111 -79.128333

CHSC078635John B. Nelson; J. E. Cely   207351999-08-09
United States, South Carolina, Spartanburg, the southeastern Piedmont. Margin of Cedar Shoals Creek near Horseshoe Falls, where crossed by Sec Hwy 10, just upstream from Union County line., 128m

CHSC085011R. M. Myers   21521970-07-27
United States, Illinois, McDonough, Near the Laloine River.

CHSC085328R. M. Myers   48231974-08-30
United States, Illinois, McDonough, 2 mi w of Mccomb.

Page 1, records 1-8 of 8

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