Dataset: BAKER
Taxa: Salicaceae
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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USFS Northeastern Oregon Herbarium

J. L. Peterson   1912-05-06
United States, Oregon, [needs research], Big Cr, Minam Forest, 1097m

Elizabeth Crowe   1996-08-27
United States, Oregon, Wallowa, 45.28583 -117.30208, 1652m

Charlie Johnson   1986-08-07
United States, Oregon, Harney, Rattlesnake Creek CP #21, 43.73609 -118.79704

Salix eastwoodiae Cockerell ex A. Heller
Charlie Johnson   1992-07-07
United States, Oregon, Wallowa, FRANCIS LAKE CIRQUE, 45.28577 -117.34283

Robert J. Meinke   1977-04-05
[needs research], [needs research], N. Snake R. Canyon, 518m

Robert J. Meinke   1979-08-08
United States, Oregon, Baker, Elkhorn Ridge, 44.8139 -118.0828, 2377m

Charlie Johnson   1986-08-12
United States, Oregon, Grant or Harney, Wolf Creek Exclosure, 44.0040632429 -118.756285615

Charlie Johnson   1992-07-28
United States, Oregon, Wallowa, HURWAL PEAK, 45.27125 -117.28178, 2682m

Paula J. Brooks   1995-05-31
United States, Oregon, Baker, Union Creek, in Union Creek Campground, Baker R.D, along Hwy 7, 44.69431 -118.02263, 1265m

Tad Taylor   1976-08-17
United States, Oregon, Baker, Keating area, along Powder R., 44.8742 -117.5894, 1036m

Ralph Naas   1975-06-07
United States, Oregon, Union, Meadow Cr., 45.289 -118.60323, 1242m

Page 2, records 101-111 of 111

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