Dataset: BLMM
Taxa: Fabaceae
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Bureau of Land Management, Boise District

Astragalus purshii Douglas ex Hook.
Ann DeBolt   22272004-06-20
United States, Oregon, Malheur, West of Henry Gulch in the Alkali Hills, approximately 5 miles NE of Vale., 44.0333333333333 -117.166666666667, 945m

Ann DeBolt   9261988-05-09
United States, Oregon, Malheur, One mile NW of Rockville, 43.3247897639 -117.123592869, 1189m

Sarah J. Richards   SJR 77-5511977-08-01
United States, Oregon, Malheur, Just below Fence across road Three Forks, 42.52029 -117.16143

Roger Rosentreter   13383a1998-07-03
United States, Oregon, Malheur, E side of the Owyhee Rvr. 1 mile upstream of Chalk Basin near Warm Springs., 43.09587 -117.72709, 976m

Ann DeBolt   9121988-04-27
United States, Oregon, Malheur, Just S of Sagebrush Mountain and about 13 air miles S of Jordan Valley; 1/2 mile W of the Oregon-Idaho border., 42.77216 -117.04092, 1372m

Roger Rosentreter   2141978-07-13
United States, Oregon, Malheur, SouthWest of Jordan Valley<br/>USGS Quad: Jordan Valley <br/>Size in Acres: 2 acres <br/>Owners: BLM, 1463m

Roger Rosentreter   
United States, Oregon, Malheur, detailed locality information protected

Roger Rosentreter   2191978-07-14
United States, Oregon, Malheur, Three forks of the Owyhee Rivers, near bridge over the North fork.<br/>USGS Quad: Jordan Valley 1-25000 scale<br/>Owners: BLM, 42.5 -117.05, 1220m

Roger Rosentreter   160952005-09-07
United States, Oregon, Wallowa, Just east of Ice Lake, 45.228 -117.269, 2436m

Page 1, records 1-9 of 9

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