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Boise State University, Snake River Plains Herbarium

6800Jed W. Fahey   031976-08-02
U.S.A., Maryland, Montgomery, On south bank of Seneca Creek, 0.3 mi. west of Md. #355, 39.068333 -77.340556

37492R. Goode   61976-04-03
U.S.A., Maryland, Prince George's, Suitland, 4417 Ridgecrest Drive. Backyard., 38.848611 -76.923889

38613W. D. Longbottom   131992010-04-26
U.S.A., Maryland, Dorchester, Town of Secretary, along MD Rt. 14, south of Green Point Road & north of MD Rt. 16, Mount Holly Road., 38.601472 -75.954278

36787W. D. Longbottom   133952010-05-27
U.S.A., Maryland, Anne Arundel, Town of Cape Saint Claire, along Whitehall Road and US Rt. 50, at Ridout Lane, 39.022833 -76.426194

36788W. D. Longbottom   134982010-06-01
U.S.A., Maryland, Anne Arundel, Town of Pasadena, at the junction of MD Rt. 100, Paul T. Pitcher Memorial Highway, and MD Rt. 607, Magothy Bridge Road, 39.118861 -76.525667

36789W. D. Longbottom   137292010-06-28
U.S.A., Maryland, Worcester, Town of West Ocean City, along east bound US Rt. 50, Ocean Gateway, just west of Keyser Point Road on south side of highway, 38.339167 -75.119694

36790W. D. Longbottom   135322010-06-04
U.S.A., Maryland, Howard, Town of Dorsey, along MD Rt. 100, at US Rt. One, Baltimore-Washington Blvd., 39.190056 -76.758389

Page 1, records 1-7 of 7

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