Dataset: SRP
Taxa: Hydrophyllaceae
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Boise State University, Snake River Plains Herbarium

3234R. L. Lingenfelter   8721954-05-11
U.S.A., California, Los Angeles, Soledad Canyon Rd. 2. mi. NE Acton.

3236R. L. Lingenfelter, Grant Brown.   12041963-07-11
U.S.A., California, Los Angeles, Little Gleason Mountain; Angelus Nat. Forest.

21361F. A. M.   90E1931-04-28
U.S.A., California, Los Angeles, Tuna Canyon, Verdugo Hills.

21357P. C. Silva   16(3)1941-03-29
U.S.A., California, San Diego, Foot of Palm Canyon, Borego Valley, Colorado Desert.

27817F. P. Sipe   3711960-03-25
U.S.A., California, San Diego, Borrego Springs area.

34123C. Davidson   116702010-04-01
U.S.A., California, Riverside, Highway 168 to Joshua Tree Nat. Park, ca. 3.6 miles from I-10., 33.702083 -115.800417, 721m

44949L. C. Higgins, Glen Green   291112010-06-24
U.S.A., Utah, Washington, Grapevine wash, at oak patch spring., 37.35021 -113.79723

60772C. Davidson, S. Christoph, C. M. Taylor   131322016-04-19
U.S.A., California, Inyo, On Emigrant Rd. ca. 40 km S of junction wtih Hwy 190 and 9 km past Mahogany Flat Campgrd., 36.252167 -117.097833, 1794m

29515A. Tiehm   146602005-04-16
U.S.A., Nevada, Esmeralda, Tule Canyon,1.4 mi W of Roosevelt Wellthen N .33 mi., 37.299417 -117.556028, 1494m

Page 8, records 701-709 of 709

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