Dataset: SRP
Taxa: Acroptilon
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Boise State University, Snake River Plains Herbarium

10377A. Debolt   16621992-06-19
U.S.A., Idaho, Twin Falls, 2 km SSW of Bliss and S of Snake River., 850m

18029M. Hysell   7221994-06-27
U.S.A., Utah, Salt Lake, Camp W. G. Williams Training Area, Traverse Mt. Range., 1414m

20724E. M. Hoadley   911998-09-05
U.S.A., Idaho, Jefferson, Roberts, 712 N., 43.666667 -112.5, 1457m

32443James M. Glennon   17221988-08-10
U.S.A., Idaho, Power, "Fort Hall Indian Reservation, Arbon Valley Road", 42.597 -112.5851

32500D. Knoke   13462007-06-28
U.S.A., Washington, Kittitas, Near trail in Umtanum Canyon about 1 miles from Yakima River., 46.860217 -120.50405, 455m

32903James M. Glennon   14511987-07-23
U.S.A., Idaho, Bingham, "Fort Hall Indian Reservation, Along Sheepskin Road near Clear Creek.", 43.043 -112.5443

44828L. C. Higgins   287532009-08-05
U.S.A., Utah, Washington, Pinto Springs, 37.411393 -113.476347

49200Barbara Ertter, Bente Eriksen & Ann DeBolt   208292011-08-02
U.S.A., Idaho, Ada, Bethine Church Trail (pedestrian-only section of Greenbelt in River Run neighborhood) on southwide side of Boise River in east Boise; just west of Clarks Crossing, 43.582 -116.16, 832m

Page 1, records 1-8 of 8

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