Dataset: SRP
Taxa: Calycadenia
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Boise State University, Snake River Plains Herbarium

44894G. D. Carr   5561971-06-05
U.S.A., California, Shasta, S rim Bear Cr Canyon, ca. 10 mi E of Millville, ca. 1/2 mi N of Sheridan Cr. V.I. Vexnor Property, (In 1984, Rte 2, Box 790, Shingletown 96088)., 465m

44895R. L. Carr   21111978-07-06
U.S.A., California, Tehama, Long Gulch Camp along US Hwy 36 (Beegum Rd), ca. 0.5 mi SE of Tedoc Rd jct, ca. 40 mi NW of Red Bluff, 503m

44896R. L. Carr   21201978-07-08
U.S.A., California, Lake, 4.8 mi NW of Middletown on Hwy 175, (=GDC 619), 473m

44897R. L. Carr   2011 (1978)1978-07-06
U.S.A., California, Shasta, Along Rd 34NO3 (Mc Candless Rd.) (to Backbone Ridge), 2.4 mi NW of Hwy 299 (jct 5.6 mi W of Round Mt near milepost 48), E of Redding., 621m

73918Lowell Ahart, J. Dittes   21822016-08-25
U.S.A., California, Tehama, East of the parking area ca. 200 yards west of the Sacramento River, Anderson River Park, 0.7 air mile upstream from Stillwater Creek confluence, 1.8 air miles northeast of Balls Ferry Road exit from I5 in Anderson., 40.470806 -122.261528, 117m

Page 1, records 1-5 of 5

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