Dataset: SRP
Taxa: Chylismiella
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Boise State University, Snake River Plains Herbarium

12840A. Pinzl   105001993-05-07
U.S.A., Nevada, Washoe, N part of Smoke Creek desert, 6 mi. W and S of Rt. 447 on ro., 1183m

21710A. Tiehm   120881995-05-21
U.S.A., Nevada, Humboldt, Bilk Creek Mts., 1372m

23653Ann Pinzl   104551993-05-06
U.S.A., Nevada, Washoe, Duck Flat, east of Coppersmith Hills, about 3/4 road mile west of Rte 447 on road going around north side of Duck Lake., 1433m

23663Arnold Tiehm   120611993-05-13
U.S.A., Nevada, Pershing, Goldbanks Hills on E side of the East Range and on W side of Grass Valley, .7 airmile NNW of Squaw Butte, 34 airmiles nearly due S of Winnemucca., 1677m

29915A. Tiehm, J. Nachlinger   148532005-05-18
U.S.A., Nevada, Esmeralda, Garfield hills .2 mi S of Montezuma Range on Rd to Mt. Jacks., 37.629333 -117.271694, 1730m

29916A. Tiehm   148022005-05-10
U.S.A., Nevada, Esmeralda, Slate Range 2.8 mi S of Gold Point on Rd to Oriental Wash., 37.3185 -117.356139, 1799m

Chylismiella pterosperma (S. Watson) W.L. Wagner & Hoch
37342J. F. Smith   
U.S.A., Idaho, Owyhee, detailed locality information protected

Page 1, records 1-7 of 7

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