Dataset: SRP
Taxa: Ligustrum
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Boise State University, Snake River Plains Herbarium

8024W. Buchler, D. Douglas   9210 07081992-10-07
Switzerland, Wetzikon, Canton Zurich., 570m

11952J. F. Smith   25401993-06-08
U.S.A., Idaho, Ada, Boise, along Greenbelt behind BSU., 43.666667 -116.233333, 800m

25736C. Clayton   192000-04-25
U.S.A., Louisiana, Ouachita, Lonewa Farm, 6 mi N of Monroe off Hwy 165N on Keystone Rd.

29057C. T. Shirey   322004-03-16
U.S.A., South Carolina, Richland, Riverfront Park in Columbia on Laurel St.

46489B. Ertter   199572010-06-29
U.S.A., Idaho, Ada, lower Hulls Gulch in northeast foothills of Boise, streamside southeast of Red-Winged Blackbird Trail (#35A), 43.638 -116.197, 850m

47571J. F. Smith   107192012-12-21
U.S.A., Idaho, Ada, Boise, northeastern Camel's Back Park, between Hull's Pond and 8th St. parking lot, 852m

55721C. Davidson, M. Khutsishvili, S. Sikharulidze, D. Kikodze, S. Christoph   124582014-06-07
Republic of Georgia, Mtskheta-Mtiani Region, Mtskheta Municipality, Shio Mgvime Monastery., 41.846222 44.692444, 613m

Page 1, records 1-7 of 7

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