Dataset: SRP
Taxa: Marah
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Boise State University, Snake River Plains Herbarium

14115D. C. Ingram   14871924-04-27
U.S.A., Oregon, Umpqua NF, Illahee R. S., 549m

24194M. Dapp   241980-05-12
U.S.A., Washington, Cowlitz, Old Hwy 99, S of Carrolls by milepost 3.93, KalamaRiver Wate.

35511T. Huttanus   212008-03-29
U.S.A., Washington, Near Intersection State Road 14 and Lyle White Salmon Road, WA, 45.706294 -121.383572, 30m

35512R. R. Halse   38681989-05-30
U.S.A., Washington, Klickitat, At the end of Dock Road near Little Spearfish Lake, ca. one mile upstream from The Dalles Dam on the Columbia River., 45.6266 -121.1351, 48m

35513J.M. Glennon   14391987-07-06
U.S.A., Idaho, Bingham, Fort Hall Indian Reservation, Sheepskin Road and Spring Creek, 43.043 -112.5443

35514C. Davidson   117332010-04-06
U.S.A., California, Contra Costa, Oakland Hills Huckleberry Botanic Regional Preserve., 37.840806 -122.191222, 311m

55081Richard R. Halse   91772014-07-04
U.S.A., Oregon, Lane, on top of Prairie Mountain in the Coast Range, ca 7.5 air miles south of Alsea., 44.27869 -123.58948, 1004m

55082Richard R. Halse   90312014-03-25
U.S.A., California, Colusa, Along Sites-Logoda Road ca. 4.7 miles northeast of Logoda, on west end of Grapevine Pass., 39.35364 -122.46237, 527m

59740J. F. Smith   131872016-06-07
U.S.A., Oregon, Jackson, Pilot Rock., 42.03583 -122.56712, 1475m

Page 1, records 1-9 of 9

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