Dataset: SRP
Taxa: Onobrychis
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Boise State University, Snake River Plains Herbarium

11827M. Barkworth, J. Torchio, L. Torchio   27341980-07-13
U.S.A., Utah, Cache, Near Trenton on Utah 23.

25823R. R. Halse   -62442002-06-21
U.S.A., Oregon, Umatilla, US hwy. 395 3.2 mi N of Dale., 45.004167 -118.9925, 800m

36270R. R. Halse   77402009-07-30
U.S.A., Utah, Sanpete, Along State Hwy, 31 ca. 12.7 miles northeast of Fairview; Manti-LaSal National Forest; Wasatch Plateau., 39.61632 -111.30373, 2950m

46503B. Ertter   194022009-05-27
U.S.A., Idaho, Ada, Somerset Heights in foothills of northeast Boise

52919Michael Mancuso   34912009-07-18
U.S.A., Idaho, Lemhi, east of the Lemhi River, ca. 1.4 miles north of Leadore, 1814m

56948D. H. Mansfield, M. Stevens, B. & C.McCoy   14-4572014-06-26
U.S.A., Nevada, Elko, Tennessee Mountain; 5.2 miles up Rd. 668 from main road to Jarbidge, 0.5 miles north of Wildhorse Reservoir State Recreation Area., 41.79364 -115.67239, 2485m

57846Robert L. Johnson   38622015-06-05
U.S.A., Utah, Juab, 0.8 rd mi N of Main Street on Hwy 54, Mona, S side of rd., 39.82107 -111.84165, 1538m

63752Richard R. Halse   101392017-07-25
U.S.A., Wyoming, Weston, Along US Hwy 85 ca. 3.9 miles south of Four Corners or 13.3 miles north of Newcastle., 44.02697 -104.15789, 1717m

72168J. F. Smith, T. Crook, D. Mansfield, W. Mansfield   166962020-06-27
U.S.A., Idaho, Bonneville, Caribou National Forest. Caribou Mountain. Along Trail up from Caribou City (second coordinates) to main coordinates on trail., 43.08955 -111.277723, 2336m

Page 1, records 1-9 of 9

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