Dataset: SRP
Taxa: Polanisia
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Boise State University, Snake River Plains Herbarium

27077N. D. Atwood, A. Merkley   306492004-09-02
U.S.A., Arizona, Mohave, W of Toroweap Rd. on volcanic butte., 36.559722 -112.9225, 1696m

38193R. R. Halse   81092010-09-02
U.S.A., California, Modoc, Warner Mountains; Modoc National Forest; along State Hwy. 299 ca. 2.8 miles west of Cedarville by the Cedar Creek Lower Trailhead., 41.53427 -120.22484, 1619m

39876R. R. Halse   69802006-08-02
U.S.A., California, Butte, Chico; in the Lindo Channel Greenway where it crosses under Mangrove Ave., 39.75083 -121.84355, 92m

55459Rooks, Chan, Riggs   4632010-08-10
U.S.A., Utah, Piute, About 2.5 miles north of Marysville, W. of HW89., 1795m

73939Lowell Ahart, J. Dittes   213052016-08-25
U.S.A., California, Tehama, East of the parking area ca. 200 yards west of the Sacramento River, Anderson River Park, 0.7 air mile upstream from Stillwater Creek confluence, 1.8 air miles northeast of Balls Ferry Road exit from I5 in Anderson., 40.470806 -122.261528, 117m

75725D. F. Grether   86001957-09-04
U.S.A., Minnesota, Benton, Saulk Rpaids Township, section 25; Salk Rapids Desert, just east of city limits of Saulk Rapids.

Page 1, records 1-6 of 6

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