Dataset: SRP
Taxa: Menyanthaceae
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Boise State University, Snake River Plains Herbarium

4534R. Steele   7901974-06-25
U.S.A., Oregon, Wallowa, Wallowa-Whitman NF, Duck Lake., 1707m

11897D. C. Ingram   15721924-07-12
U.S.A., Oregon, Cascade NF, Bear Flat near Olalla R. S., 1524m

20338B. Moseley   29051995-08-23
U.S.A., Idaho, Custer, Lowest Bench Lake 1.25 mi. NE Heyburn Mt, 6 mi. S Stanley., 2363m

15982D. C. Ingram   15721924-07-12
U.S.A., Oregon, Bear Flat near Olalla R. S.. Forest: Cascade., 1524m

24234T. R. Erwin   401979-05-07
U.S.A., Washington, Cowlitz, Canal Rd. 1 mi from Sightly Rd., 76m

30232R. Rosentreter   160482005-06-28
U.S.A., Idaho, Fremont, NE end of Henry's lake., 44.658333 -111.375, 2010m

48849J. F. Smith   106212012-08-05
U.S.A., Idaho, Valley, Warm Lake outlet and surrounding forest, 44.653022 -115.661869, 1620m

49472Keith Shaw   25321974-07-05
Canada, Alberta, south side of Poll Haven Community Pasture, SW Alberta, 1402m

51363Tara Fletcher   2001-82001-06-16
U.S.A., Washington, Skamania, Gifford Pinchot National Forest, near South Prairie, 45.910017 -121.699367, 915m

55137C. Davidson, S. Christoph   121672013-06-08
U.S.A., Idaho, Valley, Warm Lake, on Warm Lake Rd. east of Cascade. West end of lake by bridge and small board dam., 44.63275 -115.661778, 1628m

74012Robert Bursik   26631993-06-30
U.S.A., Idaho, Bonner, Mosquito Bay, private land, north end of Priest Lake., 744m

Nymphoides peltata (S.G. Gmel.) Kuntze
55138Heath Keirstead   sn2013-07-24
U.S.A., Oregon, Benton, North Albany, Horseshoe Lake., 44.660575 -123.112533, 57m

Page 1, records 1-12 of 12

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