Dataset: WTU-V
Taxa: Isatis
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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University of Washington Herbarium, Vascular Plant Collection

186617Glenn Klein   s.n.1957-05-00
U.S.A., Oregon, Jackson, [no locality given on label].

197305W. E. Booth   594281959-06-05
U.S.A., Montana, Musselshell, Roundup; at west edge of city.

274573Delzie Demaree   608581969-08-18
U.S.A., Idaho, Bear Lake, Post Office Dingle., 42.23361 -111.24389, 1799m

303032William H. Baker   93591952-07-18
U.S.A., Idaho, Bear Lake, 2 miles east of Bennington., 42.391103 -111.281597

285436Noel H. Holmgren, Patricia K. Holmgren   50061971-06-04
U.S.A., Idaho, Bear Lake, Bear Lake Valley; along road to Dingle; just off U. S. Highway 30N; 7 miles south of Montpelier., 42.220804 -111.29694, 1829m

256358Noel H. Holmgren, Barton L. Bethers   44191970-07-11
U.S.A., Idaho, Bear Lake, Aspen Range, canyon north of Georgetown Canyon, summit (near Caribou County line)., 42.47333 -111.39694, 2195m

189632A. R. Kruckeberg   45171958-06-21
U.S.A., Idaho, Bear Lake, Lower reaches of Bloomington Canyon, on road to Bloomington Lake. Bear Lakes Range; Northern Wasatch Mountains., 42.12222 -111.31389

Page 1, records 1-7 of 7

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