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Dataset: OSU-V
Taxa: Apocynaceae
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Oregon State University Vascular Plant Collection

OSC-V-040190John B. Leiberg   5651894-07-29
United States, Oregon, Crook or Deschutes, near Paulina Lake., 43.7203 -121.2547, 2100m

OSC-V-040228Louis F. Henderson   128621930-07-12
United States, Oregon, Jackson, roadsides near Jacksonville., 42.3136 -122.9658

OSC-V-040226Louis F. Henderson   70011926-06-16
United States, Oregon, Josephine, r.r. track near Grants Pass., 42.4392 -123.3272

Harry S. Prescott   s.n.
United States, Oregon, Josephine, Grants Pass., 42.4392 -123.3272

OSC-V-040225Burr Clouette   s.n.1946-07-05
United States, Oregon, Benton, in fields; Corvallis., 44.5647 -123.2608

OSC-V-040227Helen M. Gilkey   s.n.
United States, Oregon, Washington, Forest Grove., 45.52 -123.1094

R. F. Watson   s.n.1956-10-05
United States, Oregon, Marion, Scotts Mills Area., 45.04087 -122.66834

OSC-V-040270Louis F. Henderson   50011925-04-30
United States, Oregon, Grant, opposite Lloyd Humphreys Ranch., 44.5833 -119.6433

OSC-V-040269Robert J. Meinke   13611977-05-04
United States, Oregon, Baker, near junction of Burnt and Snake River, about 1.9 mi e of Huntington near Snake River Road., 625m

OSC-V-257498Kevin Weitemier   12-222012-06-25
United States, Oregon, Baker, east of huntington below Snake River Rd on Burnt River near confluence with Snake River., 44.3629 -117.2363, 644m

OSC-V-257358Kevin Weitemier   12-232012-06-27
United States, Oregon, Grant, south of Dayville cemetary, 500m south of parking lot., 44.479692 -119.5775833

OSC-V-257356Kevin Weitemier   12-032012-05-31
United States, California, Mono, Bodie Rd. 11 km east of Bodie Park fee booth, ~1.1 km from state line.; N of road., 38.261424 -118.9558341, 2349m

OSC-V-041498Frank T. Callahan   CH-MM-5 SPMS2014-09-00
United States, Oregon, Jackson, Mt. McLoughlin, Sky Lake Wilderness, west slope from access road 480 (gated0 hiked in to end of road (5200' elev.) to North Squaw Tip to South Squaw Tip to nearly the summit., 42.445 -122.3142, 1585m

Page 7, records 601-613 of 613

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