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Dataset: OSU-V
Taxa: Parnassiaceae
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Oregon State University Vascular Plant Collection

John A. Christy   29891980-09-14
United States, Oregon, Lane, Willamette National Forest, Moon Lake; 22.6 km SSE of Oakridge., 43.54917 -122.40054, 1494m

Lilla R. Leach   4583
United States, Oregon, Marion, Breitenbush Hot Springs Trail., 44.7769 -122.1012

[unknown]   none
United States, Oregon, Clackamas or Hood River, Mt. Hood., 45.45372 -121.66807

LeRoy E. Detling   9851933-08-16
United States, Oregon, Clackamas or Hood River, Mt. Hood; [mountain]., 45.37324 -121.69679

John A. Christy   28831980-08-21
United States, Oregon, Clackamas, Government Camp, Multorpor Bog, large fen S of Highway 26., 45.3009185214 -121.762044387, 1158m

Louis F. Henderson   s.n.1884-08-21
United States, Oregon, Hood River, Lost Lake., 45.49 -121.8214

Lilla R. Leach   14811927-07-30
United States, Oregon, Clackamas, Government Camp., 45.3042 -121.7536

Douglas C. Ingram   20561926-08-24
United States, Oregon, Lane, Gold Lake Meadow., 43.64456 -122.02587, 1158m

Albert R. Sweetser   s.n.1923-08-29
United States, Oregon, Lane, marsh on Horsepasture Mt., 44.1161 -122.0867

OSC-V-258787Richard R. Halse   104342018-08-14
United States, Oregon, Linn, Cascade Range; Willamette National Forest; Gordon Meadows, off of a trail which starts at the end of N.F. Road 345, ca. two miles northeast of its junction with N.F. Road 2032., 44.36938 -122.30553, 1207m

Barbara J. Ertter   74191987-08-22
United States, Idaho, Valley, Snowslide Lake ca. 9 airmile NE of McCall., 44.9837789181 -115.933363961, 2195m

Dale W. McNeal   40641994-08-08
United States, Idaho, Blaine, beside Trail Creek Rd. (F. S. Rd. #408); ca. 100 m. sw. of Trail Creek Summit; Sawtooth Nat. For.., 43.8207902403 -114.257136008

Tanya Harvey   none2006-08-28
United States, Oregon, Lane, Pioneer Gulch Road., 43.53467 -122.22052, 1487m

Page 2, records 101-113 of 113

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