Dataset: OSU-V
Taxa: besseya => Veronica rubra, Besseya
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Oregon State University Vascular Plant Collection

Douglass Henderson   23811975-06-12
United States, Idaho, Lemhi, Beaverhead Mts.; 175 yds west of Charcoal Kilns.

Klaus H. Lackschewitz   42211973-05-26
United States, Montana, Lewis and Clark, Lewis & Clark Pass., 1676m

Klaus H. Lackschewitz   59841975-05-22
United States, Montana, Rosebud, common on wooded ridges near Inspiration Point. Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation.

Walter F. Fertig   1761987-04-10
United States, Montana, Missoula, nw face Mt. Sentinel along northbound trail 1/8 mile from parking area; in area of 1985 fire., 1036m

Christine C. Johnson   13721986-04-26
United States, Montana, Glacier, 4 miles sw of East Glacier along Hwy2; Lweis and Clark National Forest., 48.4071082 -113.238479, 1463m

F. M. Anderson   s.n.1886-04-17
United States, Montana, Unknown, falls of the Missouri R.

Millard M. Edgmond   1041938-04-22
United States, Montana, Missoula, Patte Canyon.

J. E. Kirkwood   12801921-04-11
United States, Montana, [Missoula], Missoula; Mt. Sentinel; near M., 1219m

OSC0001015John B. Leiberg   55371901-06-17
United States, Arizona, [needs research], grassy slopes near Flagstaff., 1800m

OSC-V-266308Kathleen Cooper   23011985-06-15
United States, Oregon, Crook, Ochoco National Forest, north of Big Summit Prairie, along Rd. #22, near Elliott Creek

Page 1, records 1-10 of 10

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