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Dataset: OSU-V
Taxa: Euphrasia
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Oregon State University Vascular Plant Collection

OSC-V-036032George E. Lewis   s.n.1982-06-30
United States, Oregon, Tillamook, road No. 117, upper east end of Cronin Creek., 45.7573383749 -123.560853374, 869m

OSC-V-036034Barbara L. Wilson   120442006-08-16
United States, Oregon, Multnomah, Bull Run watershed., 45.55 -122

OSC-V-036035Richard R. Halse   89242013-07-31
United States, Oregon, Marion, Willamette National Forest; by its boundary with Mount Hood National Forest; along N.F. Road 46 ca. 16-17 miles northeast of its junction with State Hwy. 22 inDetroit., 44.80955 -121.88139, 1032m

Albert E. Grable   80091980-07-16
United States, Washington, Whatcom, White road near lake adjacent to 252- mile post on hwy I-90 N, 1/2 mile north Loomis Trail Road., 48.957232 -122.693222, 30m

Albert E. Grable   80071980-07-16
United States, Washington, Whatcom, I-90 (North) rest area 1 mile nw of Birch Bay exit., 48.9134778 -122.627388, 30m

OSC-V-036033Barbara L. Wilson   116112005-08-24
United States, Oregon, Clackamas, Bull Run Watershed; mile 28.6 on the 10 road, intersection with road 1000524., 45.45835 -121.88138, 849m

Cathy L. Maxwell   2241994-02-22
United States, Washington, Pacific, Radar Hill, former site of Air Force station in Willapa Hills., 46.4211913 -123.799405, 610m

Louis F. Henderson   151181932-08-02
United States, Alaska, [needs research], Ag, station grounds, near sairbands, Alaska

Frederick Funston   81892-05-05
United States, Alaska, Yakutat, Dallion Sanding.

Billy L. Turner   15531966-08-11
Canada, British Columbia, [needs research], N end of Shawnigan Lake near Renfrew Road., 120m

Maxcine Williams   20491967-07-14
United States, Alaska, [needs research], Mendenhall Glacier flats beyond Dredge Lake.

Page 1, records 1-11 of 11

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