Dataset: OSU-V
Taxa: Lamiastrum
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Oregon State University Vascular Plant Collection

OSC-V-255849Amy K. Kessler   12017-05-01
United States, Oregon, Benton, NW Oak Creek Dr, near parking entrance to Bald Hill, Corvallis., 44.57584027777778 -123.32585416666666, 96m

OSC-V-257827Richard E. Brainerd   17422010-08-19
United States, Oregon, Lane, Winberry Road on the south side of Fall Creek Reservoir; 3.5 air miles east-northeast of Lowell., 43.9315 -122.73, 305m

OSC-V-032472Barbara L. Wilson   183992015-05-26
United States, Oregon, Lane, rest area on Interstate Highway 5 (I-5) southbound, north of Saginaw., 43.85239 -123.02123, 265m

OSC-V-032474Richard E. Brainerd   16592010-05-03
United States, Oregon, Tillamook, Oregon Coast Range; Highway 18 along the Salmon River 8.4 air miles west of Grande Ronde., 45.051 -123.7792, 171m

OSC-V-032475Richard E. Brainerd   2092002-05-15
United States, Oregon, Benton, north entrance to Bald Hill Park west of Corvallis; south of Oak Creek on east side of bicycle path., 44.5742 -123.3252, 94m

OSC-V-032473Richard E. Brainerd   1031999-04-23
United States, Oregon, Lane, Springfield, Weyerhaeuser Haul Road ca. 600 feet west of 57th Street., 44.0379 -122.9296, 158m

Page 1, records 1-6 of 6

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