Dataset: OSU-V
Taxa: Pachystima
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Oregon State University Vascular Plant Collection

Stanley G. Jewett   s.n.1915-07-20
United States, Oregon, Grant, Strawberry L., 44.3069 -118.6833

Morton E. Peck   58441914-07-15
United States, Oregon, Lane, N.W. slope of Three Sisters (middle peak)., 44.15047 -121.78537, 2300m

Elmer I. Applegate   65971930-08-05
United States, Oregon, Josephine, Steamboat Ranger Camp on Sturgis Creek near Steves fork of Applegate River, Siskiyou mountains., 42.0807846148 -123.291882335

Morton E. Peck   58471910-07-29
United States, Oregon, Union, mountain above La Grande., 45.3187 -118.1281

Morton E. Peck   162041930-07-01
United States, Oregon, Polk, Mill Cr. 4 mi. S.W. of Buell., 44.975231492 -123.475042869009

Grover C. Bellinger   s.n.
United States, Oregon, Jackson, 10 mi. W. of Pinehurst., 42.1178 -122.561225967097

John J. Schenk   6372003-06-01
United States, Oregon, Curry, Bear Camp, 2.3 miles from road 23 Roadside., 42.60585 -123.856333333333, 445m

C. Davidson   109742006-07-25
United States, Idaho, Valley, Crestline Trail Rd (for Serv. Rd. 432), east of jct. with Warren Wagon Rd, north of McCall., 45.0919444444444 -116.016388888889, 2010m

James W. Thompson   63901931-05-16
United States, Washington, Kittitas, by trail to head of Beverly Creek., 1219m

OSC-V-259459David Gross   3172008-04-27
United States, Oregon, Hood river, along Neal Creek Road.

Page 1, records 1-10 of 10

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