Dataset: OSU-V
Taxa: Pediocactus
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Oregon State University Vascular Plant Collection

Morton E. Peck   142121925-07-03
United States, Oregon, Harney, Steens Mts, above Alberson., 42.95117 -118.3397, 2200m

Fritz Hochstaetter   18.21997-06-09
United States, Oregon, Unknown, Willow Creek., 1000m

Fritz Hochstaetter   19.11997-06-10
United States, Oregon, Harney, Mickey Hot Springs., 42.6769 -118.3436, 1200m

W. H. Schallig   s.n.1959-06-20
United States, Oregon, Sherman, Luke Davis Ranch, across Pine Hollow from Wilcox; 1000 yds. NW from Sherman-Wasco-Gilliam Co.s' corner., 45.08373 -120.50516, 914m

Wendell Weaver   s.n.1977-06-01
United States, Oregon, Wallowa, lower Imnaha country, on Cactus Mountain., 45.805 -116.7372, 1524m

Fritz Hochstaetter   101997-06-09
United States, Oregon, Wheeler, near Painted Hills., 44.6617 -120.2719, 900m

Fritz Hochstaetter   151997-06-10
United States, Oregon, Baker or Wallowa, Wallowah Mountains., 900m

Jay D. Kerby   0081999-05-16
United States, Oregon, Wheeler, two miles east of Burnt Ranch Road, west rim of Sutton Mountain., 44.6787904606 -120.231685949, 1143m

[unknown]   1-021967-05-07
United States, Oregon, Jefferson, small arroyo off Hay Creek ., 44.6594522565 -120.970290904, 914m

OSC-V-266614David M. Danley   641984-05-06
United States, Oregon, Wheeler, On the ridge between John Day River and Spring Basin, Southeast of Clarno about 4 miles., 762m

Page 1, records 1-10 of 10

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