Dataset: OSU-V
Taxa: Spraguea
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Oregon State University Vascular Plant Collection

Don Knoke   3942003-07-27
United States, Washington, Okanogan, Beaver Meadows area; okanogan National Forest., 48.5523333333333 -119.975966666667, 1745m

James Smith   47582003-07-22
United States, Idaho, Adams, Grassy Mountain Lakes., 45.1666666666667 -116.198333333333

Lilla R. Leach   140
United States, Washington, Yakima, Mt. Adams., 46.2028 -121.4894

Wilhelm N. Suksdorf   66101909-06-14
United States, Washington, Klickitat, Falcon Valley., 46.0191666666667 -121.288055555556

Martin W. Gorman   s.n.1924-07-02
United States, Washington, Yakima, Mount Adams, Morrison Creek., 1463m

Lilla R. Leach   s.n.1934-07-21
United States, Washington, [needs research], Goat Rocks, s. Cascades., 2438m

Martin W. Gorman   30091913-08-12
United States, Washington, Yakima, south side of Mount Adams., 1372m

John B. Leiberg   6591893-08-03
United States, Washington, [needs research], nason Cr., 1680m

Charles V. Piper   2091
United States, Washington, Pierce, Mt. Rainier., 46.8527777777778 -121.7625, 2743m

J. G. Henderson   3134
United States, Idaho, [needs research], Central Idaho.

Page 1, records 1-10 of 10

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